Healing Kneads Therapy
address 2222 Trenton Road Levittown PA 19056 entrance to the building is around the back so is parking you'll see the Black Mailbox and you'll see the healing Kneads Massage sign


We offer several popular holistic therapies. Alternative therapies which can heal many different illnesses; In addition, these therapies are valuable supplemental treatment which compliment your doctor's care.

Learn how channeling your positive energies with these alternative treatments can reduce stress, promote healing, and enhance th

  • Warm Stone therapy(warm rocks relax tight  muscles)
  • Sport Massage
  • Chair Massage(available at your location)
  • PNF(Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitated Stretching)
  • Senior and Compassionate Therapy
  • Swedish massage(long soothing strokes targets tight muscles)

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